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When Bear Grylls Came To Town: Shark Week 2018

Fresh off of Shark Week 2019 we were reminded of Shark Week 2018 when Bear Grylls took an Evolve Pole Spear into the water to show off his skills.

Needless to say it was tremendous!

Bear Grylls is no stranger to the dangers of the wild, but this time he was in an environment completely hostile to human life: underwater! No air, no grubs to snack on and no way was he starting a fire. Oh, did we mention he was surrounded by sharks? It was Shark Week, after all.

But when he grabbed an Evolve Pole Spear and hit the water we forgot all about the danger—after all, he was BEAR GRYLLS! He knows how to handle himself. And we were right!

There is always that hand on my shoulder, from one of our crew, knowing it is hard for me but encouraging me to face the fear once more. You have to face fears head on, and understand that fear is there to sharpen us,” Grylls shared.

“Time, experience and a whole bunch of narrow escapes, has taught me that the best way over our fears is not to run from them, but to face them and to go right through the middle of them.”

Check out some cool behind-the-scenes photos and Bear’s take on his experience in this article at

this article at

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When Bear Grylls Came To Town: Shark Week 2018